Skålsjögarden Timber Lodge - Explore nature!

Location & Arrival

Our Skålsjögarden Timber Lodge is located in beautiful Hälsingland, on the border with Dalarna.

You can reach us by car via road 50 from Falun / Örebro or from

Stockholm via E4 via Gävle.

The nearest train station is in Bollnäs, we are happy to offer you a transfer.

Skålsjögården is located on the national road 50, also known as Bergslagsdiagonalen. On the section between Alfta and Falun, Skålsjögården is located just before the border between Hälsingland and Dalarna in the idyllic and remote village of Skålsjön. Whereby small village is already an exaggeration. The region is known as Finnskogen, which means Finnish forest. This name refers to the legendary and also historically interesting history of the place, which is characterized by the settlement of the forest area by Eastern Finnish tribes in the 17th century.

Experience nature! - This slogan is program with us. The forest around Skålsjön has always been a bear area. Also the wolves have spread out again in the last decades and moose and red deer also feel at home here. It is not uncommon here to cross the path of an adder or to spot a toad on the side of the road. Where you can have the best nature experiences and how to avoid or even favor an encounter with a bear, we will gladly tell you here on the spot.

Arrival from Central Europe

Car: By car we recommend to take the Hansa Destination ferry between Rostock and Nynäshamn. From Nynäshamn to Skålsjögården it takes about 3.5h to 4h depending on the conditions. The journey from Switzerland to Rostock is, contrary to expectations, more pleasant via the Ostautobahn (Nuremberg, Leipzig, Berlin) because there is less traffic, there are fewer road works and the quality of the highway is better.

By train: By train there is the possibility of a night train from Basel to Hamburg, or from Hamburg to Stockholm. The other leg coming from Switzerland can be done during the day, so you can reach us within 24h from Switzerland. From Stockholm there are good connections to Bollnäs, from where we offer a transfer to Skålsjögården.

Flight: By plane it is easiest to book a direct flight from Switzerland to Stockholm Arlanda ARN. From Arlanda it is recommended to take a rental car, then you can be at Skålsjögården in about 2.5h to 3h. There are also good train connections to Bollnäs, or you can ask us if we can organize a transfer.