Skålsjögarden Timber Lodge - Explore nature!


With our location on the border between Hälsingland and Dalarna you have the ideal starting point for a variety of excursions. Some of our favorites we would like to introduce here:

Ol-Anders Hälsingegård

Ol-Anders Hälsingegård is a small open-air museum right next to Alfta. You can see there in an impressive way how people used to live. The small emigration museum is also highly recommended. It tells the story of people who left Hälsingland for America in the great emigration wave of the 19th century. There is also a small exhibition about ÖSA, the former machine factory for wood harvesters in Alfta.

Falu Gruva - The Falun Copper Mine

The copper mine at Falun is an impressive testimony to the mining era. For centuries and until a few decades ago, mainly copper was mined there. The visitor gallery is impressive and can be visited on guided tours. On the old mine site there is an open-air museum with small stores, restaurants and some activities.